Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
A5 BW digital print, sadle stitch, 24 pages, edition of 50

Cinema Diary

Cinema Diary Werker 6
Published by Werker Magazine 2014

“Cinema Diary presents images and documents of Matthijs Diederiks photographed and collected during his work at cinema Pathé Arena in Amsterdam, where he had a side job from 2008 to 2010. Cinema Diary is the first issue of Werker 6, a collection of photo-books that reflect on the current
working conditions of the youth through modes of self-representation and amateur photography”.

– Werker Magazine


Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet 04,31 8mm 2008

Maarten. Amsterdam, 2015

Maarten. Amsterdam, 2015 (trailer) 13,01 Hi8/DV 2015

The short documentary ‘Maarten. Amsterdam, 2015′
shows the work and the way of working
 Amsterdam based photographer Maarten van der Kamp.

Ed Amsterdam

In 2012 Ed Amsterdam was created by Bram Spaan Dennis Duijnhouwer Matthijs Diederiks and Ryan Cookson.
Rick Erfmann and Maarten van der Kamp joined the pack in 2014.

The philosophy regarding Ed Amsterdam is to create an extensive and tangible archive of the city that all photographers live in, each photographer having overlapping but also juxta positional approaches within their practice.

Tram Surf Kids

Tramsurf kids_matthijs_diederiksRoelofhartplein Amsterdam 2009


Shimmns 15,27 DV 2008


The joy of Children Laughing

The Joy of Children Laughing 11,23 DV 2009
The documentary “The joy of Children Laughing” follows the life of an Amsterdam based street artist that goes by the name Influenz. His actions or way of working are references to films such as Inside/outside, and the short film Territorial Pissings by Swedish artist Nug.

Influenz talks about a rebellious sub culture that has lost most of it’s power the moment it got embraced and incorporated by the masses. “The Joy of Children Laughing” questions the way the graffiti and street art cultures have developed,
the stereotypical idea people have about graffiti and the
people involved in it.

The film was nominated for Rietveld Prijs 2009, René Coelho Award 2009 and screened on Nederlands Film Festival 2009